Starting Off on an Adventure

A brand new blog.  Ahhh, refreshing.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Who are we?  A group of 4 skydivers that have worked our way up to the instructor (or beyond) level.  We’ve been around for a bit and have racked up thousands of jumps. Not that jump numbers necessarily mean anything.  We all enjoy teaching, and between us we have experienced just about all of the skydiving disciplines.

Why Skydive Fundamentals?  Over time it has become clear that there is a real need for information.  USPA does a decent job with its Skydiver’s Information Manual (SIM), but it’s not really readable.  If you want to learn more about flying your parachute, you usually have to fork over quite a bit of money for a flight course.  And, if physics and aerodynamics are not your first love, then there is little point in reading some of the manuals that are out there.  We would like to try to change that.  Learning should be accessible and pleasant.

What were you thinking when you picked that name?  Seriously, we thought about what name to use for a long time.  We wanted to convey the fact that we are serious about teaching, but at the same time we will not sit you down to a boring lecture.  And that’s why Blue Skies Academy didn’t make it…sounded too formal.  Skycraze was an interesting option, but it wasn’t deemed serious enough by some members.  Skydivefriojles sounded fun, but made little sense to most people. Unless, of course, you’ve ever been on the plane with some of our members the day after they have eaten some Mexican food.

Love it/hate it?  Let us know- comments are always appreciated.

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