About Skydive Fundamentals

Christina the WriterCliff the goofy guyJuan under a SF-10 round paranchuteShane swooping

Christina: the writer and ultimate opinion holder that oftentimes asks questions the others don’t understand,  AFF-I and Coach Examiner, Ph.D. in Radiation Oncology that she has never used

Cliff: the goofy one who has a crazy amount of knowledge concerning all things aerospace, received his degree at Embry-Riddle and somehow managed to graduate debt-free, AFF-I

Juan: the serious guy, mechanical engineer during the week, AFF-I, Tandem-I, and jumps round parachutes for fun

Shane: serious on the ground and super fun in the sky, he’s the guy that makes all things skydiving seem easy, world-class swooper, AFF-I, Tandem-I, make sure you never call your nylon a canopy around him