USPA Category A Information for Student Skydivers

This information is provided for review purposes only.  All material necessary for safely making your first jump can be found in a First Jump Course.  For those that are signed up for a First Jump Course Category A (First Jump Course) General Information.

Pull Priorities

In order of importance:

  1. Pull
  2. Pull at the correct altitude
  3. Pull at the correct altitude while stable

Loss of Instructor(s)

At any point during freefall:

  1. If you lose one instructor, then continue the dive as normal.
  2. If neither instructor can physically touch you, then you need to execute your pull sequence.

Landing Priorities

In order of importance:

  1. Wings level (no low turns)
  2. Land in a clear, open area
  3. Flare to at least half brakes
  4. Prepare to PLF

Landing into the wind is NEVER a priority.

Parachute Landing Fall (PLF)

As you are coming in for landing you must be prepared to PLF in the event that you do have a hard landing.  It is imperative that you keep your arms close to your body and your feet and knees together.

Upon contact with the ground you should do the following:

  1. Lay onto the side of one calf
  2. Roll onto your thigh
  3. Roll onto your hip (side of butt)
  4. Roll diagonally across your back to the opposite shoulder (throw legs overhead if necessary)

Landing Hazards

Avoid them!  Only fly over areas that you would be happen to land in once you reach an altitude of 1000 feet and lower.  If it is clear that you will hit an obstacle, remember your landing priorities: wings level, flare to at least half brakes, and be prepared for a hard landing.  Always wait for competent help to arrive.

Equipment Problems

After deploying your parachute, ask yourself the following questions in this order:

  1.  Is it there (parachute)?
  2.  Is it square (fully inflated)?
  3.  Is it controllable?

Emergency Procedures

Decide by 2500 feet if you have a landable parachute.  If not, initiate emergency procedures:

Look red, Grab red

Look silver, Grab silver

Peel, pull Red

Peel, pull Silver


For aircraft emergencies, follow your instructor’s orders.

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