Skydive Fundamentals Courses

Course Description and Overview

Basic Parachute Flight Course

Topics covered:

  • History of parachutes, ram air technology, and basic aerodynamics
  • Opening stages: activation, deployment, inflation
  • Considerations when choosing and maintaining your equipment
  • Wing loading and when to downsize
  • Exiting the plane confidently and managing your altitude
  • Emergency procedure review
  • Recognizing turbulence
  • How to create and modify landing patterns
  • Accuracy trick: landing where you want to
  • Effective flaring

Practical Application (Hop n’ Pops):

Jump 1: opening up chest strap, evaluating brake line length, flaring, good pattern
Jump 2: rear riser turns versus toggle turns, good pattern, work on accuracy
Jump 3: braked turns, finishing the flare, pattern and accuracy
Jump 4: reverse turns, front riser turns, pattern and accuracy

Cost: $100 course fee and the price of 4 hop n’ pop tickets

Intermediate Parachute Flight Course

Topics covered:

  • Choosing the right equipment
  • Maintaining your equipment (in-depth)
  • Parachute design elements
  • Aspect ratio
  • Line sets
  • Drag reduction
  • Density altitude
  • Stalls
  • Glide path
  • Flying relative and the inputs you can give
  • Emergency procedures for relative work

Cost: $125 course fee and the price of 4 hop n’ pop tickets

Pro/Demo Parachute Flight Course

Topics Covered:

  • Different levels of demo jumps
  • Approvals needed
  • Turbulence identification
  • Crowd control
  • Logistics of a demo jump
  • Insurance
  • Jumping with flags, smoke, or other equipment
  • PRO rating requirements

USPA Coach Rating Course


  • USPA B License Holder
  • Total¬†100+ Jumps
  • Assisted in a First Jump Course

Topics Covered in the 3 Day course:

  • Rules and liability
  • Overview of the USPA’s Integrated Student Program
  • Layout of the SIM, A license card, and a flight planner
  • How students learn, particularly gross motor skills
  • Lesson planning
  • First jump course topics
  • Group freefall skill topics
  • How to conduct a coached jump
  • How to give quality breifing and debriefings


  • 2 ground briefings on first jump course topics
  • 4 ground briefings on group freefall skills
  • 2 in-air skills evaluation jumps

Cost: $200 course fee and jump tickets for yourself and your evaluator on at least 2 jumps